Focused Mindset

This should actually be the first challenge.

Many failed even before they got started.

You see, this phenomenon happens because everything is new to them, it’s very hard to grasp the concept and the mind will just give up.

But in my opinion, it’s because of fear.

When you dwell with uncertainties, it’s not surprising that this happens so quickly.

I mean, how would you continue to build your internet business if you’re clueless of whether you’ll ever make it or not?

Your mind would probably suggest you abandon it.

The secret to overcoming this problem is by having a coach.

Those who have failed do not have a coach to help them.

If you research carefully, all of the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen have a coach to help them master their inner game. *ALL*.

I mean, even the President hires a coach to mentor him.

Bill Clinton hires Tony Robbins.

Eric Schmidt, the ex-CEO of Google gives this advice, “Get a coach.”

Yet, many ordinary people do not have a coach to help them.

If you can’t have a focused mind, you can’t take action.

No action means you won’t get results.

As you can see, the connection between these 2 is so obvious yet, people ignore it.

Again, a poor mindset leads to inaction.

Inaction leads to lack of results.

No results means no money.

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