Myths About Traffic

Myths About Traffic

  • Guaranteed Hits do not Guarantee you Instant Profits.

If you search on you will discover there are many websites that will provide you with a service where you receive 100,000 Guarantee hits for 200 bucks.

Here is the One Word to You : DON’T
You will not make money from it..


The Traffic they send to your website is completely off the chart.

  • More Traffic is NOT equal to more Sales

Marketers talk about how you need to get more traffic. you need to match your product with the right audience. If you focus on getting 100,000 People to your website, 3 percent of them buy your products, you will be rich the rest of your life.

Well It Doesn’t work that way either.

  • Targetted Traffic is useless if you do not capture the personal information of each visitor you send to your website.
  • Why do you focus on getting traffic to your website if you do not build a database of people whom may be candidates to purchase all your affiliate products.

YES I am not referring to one product. Instead, I am referring to a customer for life.

  • Capturing personal information is worthless if you do not build a powerful relationship with each one of them from the beginning stages.
  • What is the function to build a list them..?

Why not give them a step-by-step lesson they can use to solve the problems that they have.

Why not create lot of videos and blog posts to show them how to solve their problems.

Whether they buy from you or not, your subscribers will know that you are out there to help them. This is how you are viewed as Expert.


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